Sound Healing

This session is conducted with my personal 7 Chakra Healing Tibetan and crystal singing bowls. Used for thousands of years by Buddhist monks, these bowls produce rich sound healing tones that promote relaxation and an abundance of healing properties.


It has been proven that singing bowls help to melt away stress, anxiety, depression. Sound healing also improves sleep quality, lowers blood pressure and boosts the immune system. Sound healing is also used for chakra balancing.


Before the session begins, I will ask that you express your needs; you may address any area of your life where healing is most needed. We will also determine an intention for this session. I will partially guide you through relaxation techniques and I will offer positive affirmations and imagery.

During this session, I will play the Tibetan Singing Bowls via Zoom at your chosen date and time. For this session, it is recommended that you use headphones to take advantage of this sound experience.


After your purchase, you will receive a brief consultation form and Zoom link for your session with 12-24 hours.