Sound Healing: 10 Amazing Benefits of Singing Bowls

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Here's what you need to know about the power of sound healing and the benefits of singing bowls.

Marquita's Singing Bowls

I remember when I first discovered a singing bowl. It was a blistering hot summer day in Japan. I was engulfed in the organized chaos that Tokyo is known for. To get away from the crowd, I took a right turn down a quiet and unfamiliar street. As I walked down the quiet sidewalk, the smell of fragrant incense and the soft and majestic sound of gongs and singing bowls filled the air. I felt a sense of peace flow through me and a sense of calm embrace me. 

Curious as to where this sound was coming from, I followed the sound and stumbled upon a small temple in an alley. I witnessed monks peacefully chanting and meditating. One monk played the singing bowl, the other monk played the gong, and a third monk led the peaceful experience. The sound of them chanting Om* combined with their ancient instruments made me feel as if I had transcended into another dimension of the universe.

Mesmerized by what I had witnessed, I had discovered that a singing bowl was one of the instruments being used for their sacred ritual.


Sometimes referred to as a standing or resting bell, the history of singing bowls dates back to over 5,00 years ago. Composed of copper and a mixture of metals, these hand-crafted bowls were once used as food bowls in Northern India and Nepal. The culture of singing bowls expands from Myanmar to Afghanistan, from Cambodia to Japan.

A mallet is used to play the bowl. Rotating the mallet outside of the rim or striking the side of the bowl creates a uniquely pitched, vibrational musical note. Used in some Buddhist and other spiritual practices, singing bowls are used with meditation, chanting, or for relaxation purposes.

Types of Singing Bowls


Although there are over 50 styles of metal singing bowls, typically eight basic styles are offered; they range in different shapes and sizes. Metal singing bowls are composed of various metals including gold, copper, iron, tin, or silver. Some of the metal singing bowls are accompanied by inscriptions of prayers, mantras, or family surnames.


The crystal singing bowl emerged in the late 1980s and early 1990s. These new-age singing bowls are composed of quartz and can be clear, frosted, or composed of a mineral infusion. These bowls are created in a variety of sizes and produce a variety of tones. The frosted bowls produce the loudest sound and the non-frosted bowls are not as loud and produce clear tones.

The Mind, Body, and Singing Bowls

Before we hop into the benefits of singing bowls, it’s important to understand why singing bowls have profound benefits on the mind and body.

Everything in the universe is constructed of atoms. Atoms produce, emit, and receive energy which operates at a particular frequency. Every cell in the human body has a natural vibration that communicates through both chemical and vibrational exchange.

Maintaining a high vibration and frequency is the goal but sometimes we encounter situations that lower our vibration and frequency and that is when a disease has the opportunity to settle in.⠀

To maintain the wellness of the mind, body, and soul, it is imperative to maintain a high vibration and frequency as often as possible. Singing bowls are one of the many tools that can be used to maintain your desired vibration. When the singing bowl is played the vibration of the bowl flows through the entire body.

According to Insight Timer, the following are findings from just a small sample of scientific studies involving sound bowls:

• 2008, The Journal of Complementary Medicine Research reports singing bowls reduce the perception of pain.

• 2014, The American Journal of Health Promotion reports singing bowls lower blood pressure.

• 2017, The Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary Alternative Medicine reports sound 

meditation participants experience significantly less tension, anger, fatigue, and depressed moods.

• 2016, The Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary Alternative Medicine remarks that participants generally express feelings of inner peace and deep relaxation following sound meditations.

Each of the above studies points to the benefits of singing bowls and sound baths. Scientists are continuing to learn exactly how this mechanism works.

Singing Bowls and Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment is the synchronization of brainwaves with a visual or audible external stimulus. Creating a pulsating tone, singing bowls can entrain the brain with various tones that induce feelings of happiness and usher the body into a state of relaxation. Brain entrainment encourages the brain to enter a certain state that might be difficult to reach without the audible or visual stimulus.

Singing Bowl Benefits

  1. Relives stress and anxiety

  2. Boosts relaxation

  3. Lowers blood pressure

  4. Eases hypertension

  5. Boosts immune system

  6. Relieves pain

  7. Promotes the release of happiness hormones (endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin)

  8. Promotes mental and emotional clarity

  9. Calms the mind and body

  10. Chakra balancing

Where to Purchase

Although many people travel overseas for an ‘authentic’ singing bowl, they can be purchased from local yoga, crystal, or wellness shops. They can also be purchased online.

Below are a few of my preferred sources for singing bowls. Different singing bowls provide different sounds. I encourage you to do your research and choose a bowl that meets your needs.

Singing Bowl Resources

• The Ohm Store

• Soulful Vibes Co

• Silent Mind

• Khusiinc

Experience Singing Bowls

It’s amazing to see how the world of wellness and medicine has evolved over the years and it is encouraging that scientists and researchers realize that sound can heal.

Since I’ve integrated singing bowls into my meditation practice, my meditations have transformed tremendously. It has also become a staple in my self-care toolbox.

Stumbling upon the small temple in Japan was one of the highlights of my life and I am so grateful that sound healing has become an essential part of my well-being.

My passion for sound healing has led me to offer private virtual sound healing sessions. You can find out more information by clicking here.

*OmOm is said to represent the whole world and all of its sounds, thus noting our connection to the universe (source).

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