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Interest Call

15 minute interest call

During this free interest call, we will get a feel for one another's energy. This is a perfect way to see if we're an energetic match. We will also discuss what you're needing support with.


The Journey to Authenticity & Expansion Mini Course

This baseline mini-course is rooted in the belief that we have the ability to live authentically and expand by being the creators of our own reality. We do not have to live by the templates created by our parents, friends, or society.

During this self-paced course, you will learn practical and experiential mental, emotional, energetic, and divination skills you can use to create room for living authentically and to expand with ease and confidence.


Intuitive Guidance

Oftentimes, we find ourselves either transitioning or re-awakening to a deeper desire to live peacefully and abundantly.


In these one-on-one sessions, I hold a safe and open container for you to tap into your inherent knowing.

As a guide, I will offer tools, practices, and rituals that can assist you with connecting deeper with yourself and your own powerful intuitive centers. You hold the information that is already within you but sometimes we need assistance.

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Inner Garden Alchemy

Inner Garden Alchemy is a supportive community of seekers that desire to live more authentically and grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

In this community, I share tools and resources to help you return to your true nature and to help you begin to design the life that you desire to live.


You can expect a bi-monthly book club, a Telegram Channel, giveaways, monthly meetings, special events, live Q+A sessions and more.