Redesigned & Realigned

A 3-month private mentorship program to help you live your desired lifestyle

Redesign, Realign, Recalibrate

Designing the lifestyle you desire is your birthright. We do not exist on this earth to not enjoy our lives and live by the templates created for us by loved ones.

The Redesigned & Realigned private mentorship program is based on my experience of exiting the matrix and transitioning into my desired lifestyle. From working several jobs to exiting the corporate world and now living the life I designed for myself, I created a supportive blueprint that will help you to redesign, realign and recalibrate so that you can begin living your desired lifestyle.

Redesigned and Realigned is tailored to address you and the way you're currently living your life from a holistic perspective. Not only will we co-create a blueprint for you to live the lifestyle you desire, but we will also address your mental, emotional, environmental, and spiritual needs. 

Please note that energy work, meditation, plant medicine, writing are included in how we will work together.


You will receive:

  • A mentoring questionnaire to help me serve you

  • A 1-hour introductory session to build a foundation for our work together

  • 1-hour bi-weekly mentorship session during our time together

  • Career mentoring and guidance

  • Lifestyle design mentoring and guidance

  • Embodiment practices after each session to support you in deepening your embodiment for your desired lifestyle

  • You will learn how to recode your nervous system, reprogram your brain, and rewrite old templates that you're living by

  • Free access to the Authenticity & Expansion Mini-course

  • A personalized Redesigned and Realigned roadmap

  • Unlimited text/phone/e-mail support in-between sessions 

  • Written E-mail summaries post-session

  • Love, support, and accountability

3 Months | $1,111 | Private Mentorship

*Payment Plans Available