Intuitive Guidance Sessions

Perfect for those that need help getting  to the root of their uncertainty

Clarity, Enlightenment, Direction

1 Single Session - $150

Oftentimes, we find ourselves either transitioning or re-awakening to a deeper desire to live peacefully and abundantly.


In these one-on-one sessions, I hold a safe and open container for you to tap into your inherent knowing.

As a guide, I will offer tools, practices, and rituals that can assist you with connecting deeper with yourself and your own powerful intuitive centers. You hold the information that is already within you but sometimes we need assistance. Intuitive sessions offer you an opportunity to delve deeper into your desires and dreams so that you can create the life you desire.

In your session you will achieve:

  • Clarity in terms of your vision for your life

  • You will receive intuitive feedback on what is working and what is "coming in" to support you during this time and in the future

  • Guidance on how to integrate your desires

These sessions are perfect for you if:

  • You need clarity and guidance on a certain situation

  • If you're feeling stuck and need assistance

  • You're feeling stuck and searching for answers

  • You're seeking to understand your life and purpose from a spiritual perspective

  • You need help connecting with your intuition and you'd like to awaken a new inner awareness

In this session:

  • We will meet for 90 minutes via phone or Zoom

  • After our session, I will send a PDF with information we've discussed about what came through so that you may integrate what feels aligned at your own place

  • This may include an audio-guided meditation, plant ally recommendations, seasonal rituals, or self-tending practices, as well as journal prompts for further exploration

Topics we may cover:

  • Self-care practices to help nourish strong foundations in your life

  • Action steps and guidance to help you become unstuck

  • Guidance around how to access creative energy from a place of clarity, curiosity, and joy

  • Connecting with your intuition and rituals

  • Exploring, honoring, and releasing recurring themes in your life